Brighten Up!

Here’s how to take your complexion from eh to wow!

You eat right, avoid the sun, get a good night’s sleep and work out, but you still can’t get the bright, youthful skin tone you want.

Dr. Brooke Jackson of Chicago’s Skin Wellness Center explains that there are many factors that might keep you visage from looking less than stellar. For example, too much stress can zap your skin’s resiliency, as well as skimping on a high-nutrient diet. It could also be as simple as genetics (some of us are more prone to clogged pores that can make skin look dull and lifeless).

If you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle but still can’t get the glow you seek, Dr. Jackson has some tips to help.

Find the Right Makeup

Dr. Jackson recommends lightweight cover-ups that diminish imperfections but still give you a natural look, like mineral makeups that can “cover a multitude of sins but are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.” Look for brands that contain sun protection, as well.

Supplement Your Diet

Dr. Jackson suggests adding an oral supplement of CoQ10, a strong antioxidant found in many over the counter skin creams and lotions, to your diet, anywhere from 100 to 300 micrograms per day.

Taking it orally rather than topically means your entire body will reap the benefits, she explains.

Moisturize, Moisturize…You Get the Idea

A good moisturizer is important for all women who want a brighter complexion. Besides getting one that has sunblock, women should look for moisturizers that contain light reflecting pigments. The added sheen makes your skin glow and can minimize a sallow complexion or dark circles.

Also talk to a dermatologist about using a retinoid cream, which increases collagen production, making skin look bright and refreshed.

There Are Alternatives

If your skin stubbornly refuses to respond to these tricks, it might be time to take this battle to the next level with your dermatologist.

Don’t be afraid of Botox, counsels Dr. Jackson. While some women shy away from the idea of injections, the minimally invasive treatments can work wonders on wrinkled faces, smoothing forehead lines and adding instant zest to your look.

Consider getting some filler added to your face. There are several types of injectable fillers on the market today that last anywhere from four to six months, says Dr. Jackson. Dermatologists inject filler into smile lines, the corners of your mouth, and the hollows above your cheeks and below your eyes – all places where we lose fullness and volume as we age. The benefits include a more youthful appearance and fewer wrinkles.

An equally effective but less invasive treatment that will take about 20 minutes in your dermatologist’s office is microdermabrasion – a painless procedure that will remove top layers of dead skin cells from your face.