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A birthmark is a common, benign, pigmented skin blemish that is present at birth or appears shortly afterward. It is unknown why some people are born with birthmarks and others are not. Birthmark removal is one of the most common treatments performed at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic. With a team including cosmetic doctors and nurses, we offer laser birthmark removal in conjunction with other techniques to treat a wide variety of birthmarks for men and women in the GTA.

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Pigmented Birthmark

Pigmented birthmarks are caused by excess skin pigment cells and can include moles, café au lait spots, and Mongolian spots. They can occur anywhere on the skin, and typically the ones people wish to have removed are found on the face, so they can be quite visible.

Pigmented birthmarks are caused by a high density of melanin in cells and include:
Cafe-Au-Lait Birthmarks – present at birth, or appear shortly after birth, and do not fade with age. These birthmarks may occur anywhere on the body, but are most often found on the torso, buttocks or legs. They are typically flat and smooth, oval in shape and light brown, or a bit darker in colour.

Mongolian Birthmarks – flat congenital spots with an irregular shape, blue or dark blue colour, most common among East Asians and Turks. These birthmarks usually disappear within the first few years of life.

Brown Birthmarks – also called congenital moles, irregular in shape, brown, dark brown, or black in colour, and flat, raised or lumpy in appearance. They are often found on the head or neck, but may occur anywhere on the body.

Vascular Birthmark

Vascular birthmarks are caused by a high concentration of blood vessels and include:
Port Wine Stain Birthmarks – present at birth and will not disappear with age. These birthmarks range from pale pink to wine-red in colour, and may thicken and darken over time. They are typically quite large in size and irregular in shape.

Strawberry Birthmarks – These red birthmarks are not present immediately at birth but appear within the first few weeks of life. They often grow and thicken rapidly, then stabilize and eventually diminishing in size and resolve by age 10.

Stork Bite Birthmarks – also called “angel’s kiss” or “salmon patch”, typically seen on newborns, and are mostly temporary.

Birthmark Removal Treatments

Though most birthmarks are benign and do not require treatment, they are usually removed for cosmetic reasons. Birthmark removal treatments include oral or injected steroids, lasers or IPL, and surgery. The method chosen for birthmark removal will generally depend on the type and characteristics of the birthmark.

For birthmark removal at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic, we use IPL and Nd:YAG laser in conjunction with electrocautery to fade or remove a diverse range of birthmarks. Click here to see some amazing before after pictures of birthmarks removal from Q Esthetics Laser Clinic.

IPL and Laser are usually used for removing flat birthmarks. IPL and laser birthmark removal may need about 3-6 sessions to make the birthmark invisible. The pulsed light or laser beam is selectively absorbed by the pigment or vessels of the lesions, which is then destroyed or shed away.

Electrocautery birthmark removal can be used to burn raised birthmark off. It reaches only the outermost layers of the skin, so scarring is not an issue. About 1-3 treatments may be required. Local anesthetic is typically applied to the treated area before the birthmark removal procedure.

What Happens After Birthmark Removal?
There may be some slight bruising or whitening at the treated area, which is temporary as expected. To protect your newly treated skin, we advise you stay out of the sun light for a few weeks after your treatment. It is also recommended that you use sunscreen of SPF 40 or more for a few months. Protective clothing and hats are also highly recommended.

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