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Spider Veins

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Spider Veins

Many people suffer from painful and unsightly leg veins. They typically appear on the backs of the legs, the thighs, knees and calves, as well as ankles; and appear to be purple, red or blue in color.

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Spider Veins

Many people suffer from painful and unsightly leg veins. They typically appear on the backs of the legs, the thighs, knees and calves, as well as ankles; and appear to be purple, red or blue in color.

Spider veins are very common amongst both men and women, affecting up to 50% of people. They are typically small and thin, and found close to the skin’s surface. These webs of small arterioles and capillaries appear to have lost their integrity and elasticity, which makes them appear swollen and abnormally close to the skin. They appear on the legs, but may also develop on the face. Spider veins will vary in size and often look like a spider’s web. Visible spider veins or Telangiectasias (leg veins and facial veins) affect millions of people all over the world. These small dilated blood vessels are often reddish or purple in colour, and can manifest as strands, branches or clusters visible at the skin’s surface. They can appear just about anywhere on the body, but are most common on the nose, cheeks, chin and legs. When you press on the area, they will appear and disappear, because blood is flowing back into the vessels.

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Spider Veins Causes

Noticing a cluster of spider veins is a common sign of underlying liver disease. People who have liver disease will often have multiple spider vessel clusters at one time. If you note yellowing skin or are taking medications, your doctor may decide to proceed with liver disease testing, also called a liver panel. This test analyses the enzymes and proteins in the blood, which are produced and excreted by the liver. Spider veins commonly appear when there is increased estrogen in the system, such as a person with chronic liver disease, or during pregnancy. Spider vein clusters are more common for people who have alcohol-related liver cirrhosis than for those who have non-alcohol related cirrhosis.

Genetics are believed to be a factor in their development, and if a close family member is prone to broken capillaries and spider veins then it is likely that you might be susceptible as well. These bright red or purple clusters can be very visible and noticeable on pale skin, and may cause embarrassment and self-consciousness.  They are difficult to conceal with make up, and will show through nylons on the legs. For many women this limits wardrobe choices on a daily basis. Many people are looking for safe, non-surgical methods for removal.

Spider Veins Developing Factors

There are various factors that can make a person more susceptible to developing spider veins on the legs, such as; family medical history and heredity, aging, loss of vein elasticity, hormonal changes due to the birth control pill and blood volume changes during pregnancy (which are designed to nourish the fetus). Smoking reduces blood flow and will contribute to spider veins related to restricted circulation. Other contributing factors could be weight gain -that may also put extra strain on the circulatory system, sedentary lifestyles, prolonged periods of sitting or standing, crossing the legs, sun exposure, and trauma or impact to the area.

Spider Veins

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Treatment options for spider veins

If you are predisposed to development of spider veins due to genetics you may not be able to prevent them entirely, but there are a few lifestyle changes that my help. Avoiding hormone therapy, smoking and excess alcohol consumption will reduce certain risk factors. Wearing sunscreen on exposed skin areas such as the face, arms and legs will prevent further sun damage. Exercise, normal weight maintenance and support hose, can help to reduce the appearance of broken surface leg veins.

The good news for people suffering from leg vein problems, is that Q Esthetics Laser Clinics three GTA locations offer multiple treatment options; including Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Laser, and Sclerotherapy to effectively remove unwanted spider veins on the legs*. Watch as broken capillaries disappear before your eyes when treated with non-invasive methods. IPL and lasers use strong bursts of light to destroy the small clusters of broken capillaries. Sclerotherapy utilizes a solution that scars and collapses small, visible vessels. This procedure is tolerated well with minimal discomfort and effective results within a few weeks.

Based on your individual concerns and skin assessment, our team of specialists will customize the ideal treatment plan based on your skin type and condition*.

If you think you may be a candidate for vein removal, contact Q Esthetics Laser Clinic today for a complimentary consultation. During your private one-on-one assessment, our qualified specialists will talk about your concerns with you and discuss the best treatment plan for your unique condition, as well as what to expect pre-and post-treatment. We look forward to helping you reach your skin care goals.


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