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Mole removal is one of the most common treatments at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic. Also known as nevus, mole is a natural growth of human skin composed of pigmented cells. Most people have at least one mole, though the majority of moles are benign.

Moles can vary in shape, color and size, and may appear on any part of the body. Some moles are desired as beauty marks, while others can be cosmetically bothersome.

Here at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic, we understand how you feel about unsightly or troubling moles. With a team including cosmetic doctors and nurses, we use laser, IPL and electrocautery to remove benign moles with minimal pain and scarring. Our medical staff will check your moles to ensure the right option is carried out for your specific conditions.

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Congenital Moles – are moles that are present at birth, also known as birthmarks. Only about 1% of children are born with moles.

Acquired Moles – are moles that appear during childhood or in early adult life. They could be caused by sun exposure, pregnancy or certain steroid drugs.

Atypical Moles – also referred to as dysplastic nevi or Clark’s nevi, are acquired moles. They are usually larger than common moles, with irregular, indistinct borders and a variety of colors. While atypical moles are considered to be potential risks of melanoma, most of them actually never become cancerous.

Though mole removal treatment is not necessary for atypical moles, individuals with family history of atypical moles should have their moles checked regularly. And they should protect the moles from sun exposure using sunscreen and clothing.

Mole Removal Treatment

In most cases, a mole removal treatment is not necessary, but there are still some moles that are removed for cosmetic or health reasons. And the type of treatment will generally depend on the type of your mole.

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Natural Mole Removal

Natural mole removal creams are widely available, but it is important that you consult a doctor before trying to remove your moles at home. Unfortunately, about 90% of our patients with moles have had negative experiences with at-home mole removal remedies. Some find that they simply don’t work, while others receive unsightly scarring.

Excision Mole Removal

Excision is a surgical solution for moles, usually used to remove moles that are potentially cancerous. The doctor may numb the treated area with local anesthesia and then remove the mole with a medical blade or incision. In the case of atypical moles, the doctor may remove a margin of surrounding skin as well. Since excision treatment usually leaves some degree of scarring, many patients have had disappointing experience with excision mole removal.

Cyrotherapy Mole Removal

Cyrotherapy is a treatment that removes moles by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. The results depend greatly on the performer’s skill and expertise. And skin burning or scarring could result from the treatment.

Laser Mole Removal

Laser or IPL is usually used for removing flat and pigmented moles. This method may require about 3 treatments to make the mole invisible. The laser beam or pulsed light is selectively absorbed by the pigment of the mole, and then they destroy and shed the mole away.

Electrocautery Mole Removal

Electrocautery is a procedure that uses light electrical current to burn the mole off. It reachs only the outermost layers of the skin, so scarring is not a problem. Approximately 1-2 treatments may be needed. Local anesthetic is applied to the treated area before the procedure. Compared to cyrotherapy mole removal, electrocautery is easier to perform and control for removing moles, so it can be safer, and more efficient. Click hare to see our amazing before after pictures of moles removal.

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