Emsculpt Toronto: Sculpt, Tone and Build Muscle with Neo

Emsculpt Toronto: Sculpt, Tone and Build Muscle with Neo


Two Treatments In One

Sculpt, Tone and Build Muscle with the new and improved Neo.

Our new EMSCULPT NEO by BTL Aesthetics is exactly what you need if you want to build, sculpt and tone your abs, buttocks, arms and calves without so much as lifting a finger! A 30 minute treatment is equivalent to doing 20,000 sit ups!
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The Dream Treatment

EMSCULPT NEO is the first device that eliminates fat while also building muscle.

It is Health Canada and FDA cleared. Typically you’d have to combine multiple different procedures in order to reduce fat AND build muscle, but the EMSCULPT NEO does it all in one! It’s the first technology of this kind to deliver both radiofrequency to destroy fat and a HIFEM® energy to stimulate muscles.

The RF technology works by increasing the temperature of subcutaneous fat. In less than 4 minutes, the fat layer reaches a temperature that causes fat cells to undergo apoptosis or cell death and these cells are then eliminated from the body. At the same time HIFEM+ energy works by causing powerful contractions to the muscles improving muscle tone, strength and growth.

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In 30 Minutes Or Less

Clinical studies show that on average, there is a reduction of 30% in the fat layer, and a 25% increase in muscle volume.

In the video below, Nurse Kennie takes us through a typical core EMSCULPT NEO treatment. She shares what to expect, what the procedure feels like and what each step of the procedure treats.

Each treatment is completely non-invasive, there is no downtime and most people are happy with their results after only 4 treatments!

For a limited time take advantage of this special offer and save 35% OFF four treatments. Check our our pricing options here.

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