Refresh, Revitalize & Reboot with Q’s IV Therapy Treatments


IV Therapy

Refresh, Revitalize & Reboot with Q’s IV Therapy Treatments


Who Doesn’t Need a Boost Now and Then
Physicians and pharmacists, who first developed the use of IV infusion therapies, realized the benefits of these injection treatments for overall well-being. IV Therapy has become very popular in North America. Because of its ability to revitalize skin, restore nutrients lost, and boost overall health and beauty – there are now millions of injections performed each year.

Target Skin and Wellness Needs
Injecting a cocktail of vitamins and minerals into a vein, is the fastest way to deliver nutrients to the body. As a result, many health and skincare needs can be met. Next to restoring nutrients and hydration, providing optimal skincare benefits is one of IV Therapy’s most sought-after uses. Most of all, you can obtain a refreshed and renewed appearance, by lightening and brightening a tired complexion and clearing away acne and blemishes.

Now, what’s better than that!


Quick IV Therapy Facts

Ingredient Special
IV Therapies deliver a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly into your vein.

Quick To…
Serve as a supplement for skin health and texture, quickly hydrate, restore fluids, and for overall well-being.

Balance It Out
One of the top treatments to help rid the body of unwanted toxins, and to help achieve a healthy balance.

Come One, Come All!
Treatments are quick – anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes, due to chosen type.
Most of all, you can get an IV Therapy treatment during your lunch break, or before your weekend brunch!


Benefits of IV Therapy

Improve Skin health, Boost Energy, and Restore Hydration … Reasons for YOU to get IV Therapy!

-Rejuvenate skin, hair & nails
-Boost immune system
-Restore vitamins, minerals & hydration
-Antioxidant therapy: prevent & reverse effects of free radicals
-Boost energy levels
-Restore a healthy glow, with lighter & brighter skin
-Improve mental focus: great before important tests & presentations
-Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
-Increase collagen production, and restore texture & elasticity
-Improve skin quality; helps with acne & blemishes
-Packed with Glutathione (master antioxidant) & vitamin C
-Re-balance body salts
-Fight allergy sensitivities
-Improve appetite, sleep & mood
-Flush out lactic acid


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Pair existing treatments, customize personalized plans, and reap amazing skin benefits! With our incredible Q IV Therapies, you will look and feel your absolute best!