You are what you eat: 5 Super foods to get you glowing from the inside out

Let’s face it: everyone wants a youthful, radiant complexion… but where do we start? The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ couldn’t be more accurate, beautiful skin does truly come from within.

Being the largest organ of your body, your skin needs nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants to maintain optimal health. Studies have shown that certain foods can actually enhance and promote a younger looking appearance and even help to fight off various skin concerns such as acne, psoriasis and more.

Here are 5 super foods to help keep your skin in check.


Packed with probiotics which help to fight redness and reduce inflammation, regular consumption of yogurt may help to improve chronic skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and rosacea.

Yogurt also contains lactic acid which works as an active moisturizer for the skin. Many use yogurt as a home remedy to treat dullness and dryness.

Q Tip: To make your own ultra-hydrating mask, coat desired areas with a thick layer of plain yogurt and let it absorb for 25 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and reveal soft, supple skin.


Tomatoes are high in vitamin C which is one of the most beneficial ingredients for the skin. Not only does it build collagen (which is vital in producing younger-looking skin), it’s also a powerful antioxidant – an essential for preventing cell damage.

This fruit’s red pigment (lycopene) helps to protect skin from sun damage kind of like a sunscreen working from within. Make them a part of your mid-day snack, your skin will thank you for it!


This superfood tastes great and you only need a handful of them in order to reap their benefits. Eat them on their own or toss them into your favourite salad for fuller, healthier hair, brighter eyes and more beautiful skin.

Packed with vitamins B and E, walnuts help to lower stress levels and balance your mood. This powerful vitamin combo also fights free radicals, thus slowing the aging process.

Q Tip: Plagued by raccoon eyes? It’s been proven that regular application of walnut oil can lighten dark circles and ease puffiness.

Wild Salmon

Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids and loaded with astaxanthin. This powerful blocker of free radicals prevents damage to cell membranes and DNA which causes the skin to age. While fatty acids like omega-3 have healthy advantages, they also aid in keeping dry skin hydrated from the inside out. Studies have shown that eating one serving every five days can prevent precancerous rough patches called actinic keratoses from developing.


Honey can do wonders for your skin. Not only is it extremely hydrating, it is rich in antioxidants and has anti-aging benefits. For hundreds of years women have used honey to keep their skin soft and smooth. It has the ability to retain moisture and lock it into the skin.

The advantages span far beyond vanity. Skin concerns such as acne, eczema and psoriasis are just some of the chronic inflammatory conditions that this natural ingredient can help to improve.

Q Tip: Want a homemade zit-zapper? Try applying a thin layer of organic honey to the area and leave on for 30 minutes. You’ll be in the clear before you know it!

Remember, like any new skincare regimin, you need to give it some time to see visible results. Making a healthy lifestyle change can be challenging at first, but like all things that are hard going the results will be well worth it!