Top 3 Misleading Ideas About Laser Hair Removal

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So you have decided to redefine your beauty with laser hair removal. To ensure that you get a happy hair removal experience, you should always do your research before talking to any clinic or spa. However, when you dig deep into the information about laser hair removal, you may notice that there are many confusing and misleading ideas spreading out there. The following are just a few examples for your reference:

Misconception #1: Laser is better than IPL

Due to the fact that most people these days simply use Laser Hair Removal to call all light-based hair removal technologies and treatments, it is easy to see why laser is considered the best if not the only technology that achieves permanent hair removal. But in reality, IPL was developed and used for hair removal earlier than laser, though it took more time to fine-tune itself to become as popular as lasers in the hair removal industry.

Clinical studies have shown that IPL can be just as good as or better than the “gold standard” lasers in delivering results of permanent hair reduction. The bottom line: Find a clinic that uses the device and technology that is ideal for your skin type and your hair color.

Misconception #2: Doctors are better than any other operators

Unwanted hair is not a disease and laser hair removal training is not provided in a medical school, so a licensed doctor is not necessarily better than a certified laser technician in regards to performing the laser hair removal procedure. Care and experience is the key. Another thing you may want is to have the same technician perform the treatments for you on every visit.

Misconception #3: 50% off is better than 30% off

50% off can be better than 30% off in some cases, but it’s worth a close watch when seeking a better price. To determine if a laser hair removal price is a favorable one, consider the following: the skill of the performer, the equipment used, and the environment set, etc. For example, a clinic may offer you a price per session that is a little higher than others, but they may get you the results you need in less time and with fewer sessions, saving you money in the long run.

We hope this will help you in finding the happy hair removal experience and long-lasting results you deserve!