Story about spider vein removal

I started to notice spider veins on my leg in my 50s, which got so
serious that I was embarrassed to show my legs. I went to see
dermatologists and tried many creams and medicines, but none of them
worked. After I read the information about laser spider vein
treatments from the Q Esthetics Laser Clinic web site, I booked a
consultation with Nancy Qiu. Though Nancy addressed all my questions
and concerns, I still felt a little nervous since I was quite
conservative and skeptical about new techs like laser therapy.
So I asked to try one session first. To my big surprise, 6 weeks after
the treatment, I could see a huge difference on my legs, so I called
to book two more sessions. I was very happy with the results and also
recommended my husband to get his sun spots done at Q Esthetics. Thank
you Nancy and all the staff at Q Esthetics!

Mary W. from MarkhamLaser Vein Removal (Dec. 2009)