My experience with skin tightening

I’m in my early 50s, but I’m often embarrassed when people refer to me
as being in my 60s due to my sagging jaws and loose skin on the neck.
So I started to look for solutions to improve my aging appearance and
decided that laser fractional tightening would be a good choice. I
chose Q Esthetics Laser Clinic based on the good reviews about their
services from the Internet.

After only one treatment of skin tightening, I noticed a more elastic
look on my face and neck. After the third treatment, I began to
receive compliments from people, asking what I was doing differently
to make myself look younger. Now my face and neck are much smoother,
tighter and more lifted.

In addition to the treatments, I really appreciate the always
welcoming, caring and professional environment provided by Q Esthetics
staff. That’s why I’d love to recommend Q Esthetics Laser Clinic to
anyone seeking a lasting improvement for their skin appearance.

Silvia L. from Richmond HillLaser Skin Tightening (Dec. 2009)