My cellulite finally gone

After I had my daughter a few years ago, I got a lot of cellulite and stretch marks. I tried dieting and exercising and lost some weight, but unfortunately, I was not able to get the results I had expected.

Basically, I was not going to look for any painful and expensive surgical or invasive methods, so I searched for other options on the internet. I found Velashape and Lumicell Touch. They are similar technologies, but I finally decided to try Lumicell because I believed its light system would be more effective in helping to target and reduce the cellulite.

Then I narrowed it down to two clinics. I was so lucky to have chosen Q Esthetics as one of them. The technician at the first clinic was nice and promised me fabulous results. I had a trial treatment there and left the clinic with uncertainty.

Then I booked a consultation with Nancy at Q Esthetics. She explained everything clearly and was encouraging. Though she didn’t promise me magic, I left her office with a much better understanding of how Lumicell works and what my part in the process would be. My time with Nancy made me sure I had found the right technique and the right technician.

I started my treatments with her and followed her guidelines as far as lowering my sodium intake. My results are amazing. This summer I will be wearing a bathing suit and feeling good about it for the first time in years. I am convinced that my great results are due to Nancy’s positive attitude and support, as much as her technical expertise. Q Esthetics has changed my life!

Sarah T. from TorontoCellulite Treatment (Feb. 2009)