5 Ways to Prevent Last-Minute Skin Woes

If something has to go wrong at your wedding, let it be the best man’s toast—not a spotty complexion that will live on forever in photographs. Dermatologist David McDaniel has a few suggestions for staying picture-perfect in the home stretch.

Don’t experiment. A new cleanser, cream, or treatment can cause pimples, irritation, or an allergic reaction. Now is not the time to take chances.

Be smart at the spa. Unless you’ve had several facials with the same aesthetician and ingredients, don’t book one in the weeks before your wedding. The result could be redness, a rash, or flaking.

Know your history. If you’re prone to breakouts or cold sores, tell your dermatologist at least a month before the wedding. Stress can aggravate these conditions, and a doctor can prescribe medications to keep them from popping up.

Do a trial run. At least a month ahead of time, try on the fragrance you intend to wear at your wedding to make sure you don’t develop a rash or a headache.

Watch your mouth. The week before your wedding, limit your consumption of salt, alcohol, and spicy foods, all of which can irritate sensitive skin. As appealing as they are, salt and booze also cause water retention, which makes the eyes puffy, the body bloated, and the wedding dress uncomfortably snug.