5 Q-Pro-Tips for Lip Filler


Having worked in the industry for over 7 years …

Our Master Nurse Injector – Marina – has seen and heard it all. So, we decided to ask what question or comment she receives the most among first-time filler clients!

Q Pro Team: Is there a question you get asked quite frequently with first time clients?
Marina: “YES! Well, it’s more of a statement than a question: “I don’t want to look crazy!” This is a common concern for many, because of the ‘injection-happy’ images that are prominent in today’s media. But don’t worry, here at Q we believe that less is more – you are in full control of your desired results. Actually, 5 of my favourite tips for beautifully natural results, that I like to share with client’s are:


1. Have Lip Filler Goals

Don’t just come in & say “The bigger the better!” Have an idea in mind of your desired look & size, and show your injector example photos of your goals. Photos are perfect for communicating your desired look and size, but always make sure to compare your lips to your self, your face, and your goals – not anyone else’s.

2. Take Before and After Photos

Don’t be blind in-the-now! It may sometimes be easy to look at our lips and say, “They’re not big enough!” If this statement comes to mind…wait. Have a cup of tea and take a moment to compare your before photos to where you are now, and then decide if you still want more. You may be surprised!

3. Avoid Blood Thinners

To decrease bruising & swelling, and for optimal results, we always recommend avoiding blood thinners (such as aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oils, and vitamin E) a week prior to filler injections. If necessary, Tylenol may be taken as a pain reliever.

4. Start Slowly

There’s no rush. As 1 syringe is only 1 ml of volume (those who have extremely large lips from injections have used multiple syringes), there’s plenty of room to grow when you inject only a small amount to start. Fill those lips, wait a week until swelling goes down, and then decide if you want more.

5. Trust Your Injector

Don’t rush into anything! A good injector will always offer their time for a full consultation before any treatment. They will personalize your experience and treatments, by explaining exactly how to achieve your desired results. A professional injector will not force volume on you – but rather volumize your overall satisfaction with beautifully natural results.