My plantar wart finally gone!

“Around April 2006, I had a large plantar wart on my left foot. When it was starting to get really painful, I decided to see a doctor. During the past two years, I had seen family doctors, dermatologists and foot specialists. They froze, lasered, and put acid and all kinds of medication on it, but nothing worked for me. After spending thousands of dollars, the wart just got worse and worse –finally I had to give up my job due to the extreme pain caused by standing and walking. I walked with a limp… till one day I came to the MCI walk-in clinic, and saw Q Esthetics’s poster for Wart Treatment. I booked an appointment with Nancy. She explained to me why the previous solutions could fail and how she would effectively remove the plantar wart for me using electrocautery. I was very impressed with her proposed solution, and the treatments assured me that I made the right decision. After two treatments in about 4 weeks, my plantar wart had been removed completely and hasn’t returned since.

Thank you so much Nancy for your brilliant work. I recommended one of my friends to Nancy and I would like to recommend Nancy to all the people who are suffering from stubborn warts.”

Linda B. from VaughanWart Treatment (Mar. 2008)