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What is electrocautery?

Electrocautery, also referred to as thermal cautery, is a medical technology that uses a light electrical current to heat up the skin, in order to achieve tissue destruction in a very narrow and targeted location. A needle, or blade which is heated by electricity, is applied to the treated area, killing the skin cells or cleanly cutting through tissue. Electrocautery is one of the most commonly used technologies at Q Esthetics.

Electrocautery is often used in modern-day surgical centers, to coagulate blood around the incision and to stop bleeding. “Cauterizing” a wound means sealing off vessels that can bleed with heat. It can be used at various voltage strengths, for delicate and detailed work with skin lesions. Lower voltage with an alternating current, allows for a ‘cutting’ effect. As such, it is able to remove undesirable growths including warts, moles, and skin tags. Because the procedure only reaches the outermost layers of the skin, it is incredibly safe and often does not lead to scarring. It is also a very efficient method of removal. When performing electrocautery, the trained medical specialist will adjust the heat settings to an appropriate level to burn the growth. The procedure itself is done using an electrode tip, which, once hot, is placed directly on the treatment area.

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Electrocautery For Warts Removal

Warts are benign skin growths that are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). They are typically small, rough, and hard growths that are similar in color to the rest of the skin. They may have a raised appearance, but can also be dark, flat and smooth. Warts can be painful, irritating and are always cosmetically undesirable. They typically do not cause symptoms, except when located on the soles of the feet where they may be painful. While warts usually occur on the hands and feet, they may also affect other locations. They are not cancerous. Most warts left untreated will resolve within a few months or years, but generally, people want to get rid of them quickly once they appear.

Here at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic, we understand how you feel about unsightly or troubling warts, and wish to give you clearer and smoother skin that you don’t have to worry about any more. Our medical staff uses electrocautery to remove warts for thousands of patients each year, so you can feel confident that your treatment will lead to the results you are looking for.

Electrocautery For Mole Removl

A mole, also known as a “nevus”, is a common skin growth composed of pigment cells called melanocytes, and is typically benign. These can be small or large, and colourless or darkened with pigment. It is important to seek professional medical treatments for mole assessment and removal, as an expert can recognize problematic colour and shape changes. Moles usually show up on the body within the first year of life, but will peak in visibility in the 20s and 30s. The number of sunburns a person has in their life, their genetic predisposition, and melanin in the skin will determine mole development. The more atypical moles a person has, the higher their risk of developing a melanoma (cancer) will be.

At Q Esthetics, we use electrocautery in conjuction with ipl and laser to safely and effectively remove various types of moles. Click here to see our amazing before after pictures of mole removal.

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Electrocautery For Skin Tags Removal

Skin tags are harmless, non-cancerous, fleshy, skin growths that are usually small and brown or flesh-coloured. They are commonly seen in warm, moist areas such as around the neck creases, underarms, chest and groin. Skin tags are often found around the eyes and eyelids. Skin tag development can be hereditary and is common for people who are overweight or obese, diabetic or pregnant. They are also more likely to develop as we age.

You don’t have to go through life with unsightly skin tags. There are many simple and safe treatments to remove them, including electrocautery. Click here to see some skin tags removal before after pictures from Q Esthetics.

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What to expect from electrocautery?

Your particular treatment method for warts, moles or skin tags will depend on your individual assessment with one of our experts. Your experienced, Q Esthetics practitioner will explain the considerations and risks for your electrocautery procedure to you during consultation. Prior to the procedure, a local anesthetic will be applied to the treated area, and the area will be cleaned thoroughly and covered with a gel to prevent burning. Since the electrocautery treatment requires the growth to be burnt, it would be painful without the use of an anesthetic. The treatment will take ten to thirty minutes, depending on the size of the growth.

Following the procedure, the treatment area may appear white and swollen, and dead skin may need to be removed. A scab will form over the area of treatment, which may result in a scar. It is important to keep the area clean to prevent the possibility of infection.

Depending on the size and number of moles, warts or skin tags treated, most people will recover within a week to ten days with minimal to no scarring. You will most likely be able to return to work or normal activities the day after your procedure. Often only one treatment is necessary but a second treatment may be required depending on the growth being treated.

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