Thanks to everyone at the Thornhill office of Qesthetics!

I am a 53 year old lawyer in Toronto. It came as a bit of a surprise to me a few years ago when my wife of 20 years decided she wanted a divorce. It came
as an ever bigger surprise when I found out shortly after our separation
that she had “hooked up” with my best friend! Needless to say, I felt
rejected and depressed and not in the mood for “dating” again. That
situation was made worse by the gradual appearance and growth of a mole near
my eyelid which was, quite frankly, very unattractive. I went to see my GP
and he said there was no medical reason to remove this growth. But after a
few women commented on the mole, I decided it had to go. I went to see the
staff at the Thornhill clinic and the procedure was painless and quick
…and left practically no visible scar at all. I could not have been
happier with the result and I just wish I had done it years earlier. I feel
more attractive and more confident and I strongly recommend them to anyone
in a similar situation. It’s never too late to improve your appearance!

Michael W. from TorontoMole Removal(Oct. 2019)