Skin Survival with Star Foodie host

Skin Survival with Star Foodie host, Christina-Laia

From airplanes, to trains, buses, and underground metros – I do it all – literally, all the time. Not to mention walk to and from, an inordinate amount of destinations in an array of climates – from hot sun to snowflakes, and rainstorms in between. Sure filming, on either side of the Atlantic has its own gargantuan benefits, but like you guessed, there’s a but coming. The body, face, hair and skin; yup they get a pretty good beating. So I dedicated a great part of my spare time chatting with the experts, and figuring out how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in and outside of my anatomy. After I got the body, eating, and hair routine down pact, I dove into my arch nemesis. My problematic, nagging, always thirsty, rarely cooperative… nope not my boyfriend, my skin.

I’m sure we’ve all heard it by now, the epidermis is the body’s largest organ. Yes, I’m throwing “epidermis” in this blog for good measure because of course, its origin is Greek. In case you’re wondering, the word epidermis comes from the Greek roots epi meaning “upon” and derma, which means “skin.”

Taking over a total area of about 20 square feet on our bodies, it’s no wonder, that when my skin breaks out, feels dry, itchy or even on fire (yes it happens to me often) I feel like utter yuk! Adversely when its behaving perfectly, I couldn’t feel more instagram ready.

So let’s dive right into my current do’s and don’ts! (Most of which I learned, the hard, harder, and hardest way!)

I discovered early on in filming, that wearing any type of makeup on aircrafts was not good – for anything! We’re talking drying up, burning and even flaking from wearing layers of makeup on long flights 30,000 feet high. My trick for travel – all travel by the way, became tinted moisturiser. Stick to moisturiser (& sunglasses if you’re paranoid of photos) and your skin will feel smooth and moist after excursions.

I also adapted the tinted moisturiser method for the long hot days in Athens. A combination of heat, sun, sweat and acne prone skin had me break out time and time again while filming last summer. I stuck to a good quality, oil free, tinted sunscreen for days, and shifted to Matte Finishing loose powder for evenings on the Athens Riviera.

Ok back to the arctic. Since my skin reacts so differently during the different seasons throughout the year, I change up my routine according to the sun dial. Currently, it’s more like the snow dial, which I gotta say, seems to make my skin much happier.

After several beauty counter visits, in literally dozens of cities in 2 different continents, I finally discovered the truth. No one knew what worked for me. So like any self-reliant girl, I adopted a skin regiment that battles blemishes, drying and keeps me moist.

Watch my recent Star Foodies episode where I checked in at Q Esthetics to talk skin care with their Skin Care Specialist Toya!

AM – Good quality cleanser, Natural Toner
DayTime– Light Acne fighting Gel, Oil Free Liquid Makeup (moist with sunscreen) & Matte Finishing loose powder
PM – Good quality cleanser, Natural Toner
BedTime – Light Acne fighting Gel and Light Moisturiser, Eye Cream
Try: Alumier MD Spot Clearing Lotion $36 & Alumier MD AluminEye $94

3-4x a week I use an all natural face mask for 15 minutes, and use the same contents for spot treatment on persistent blemishes. My favourites are Clay masks.

When I remember, I add truffle based eye cream to my AM & PM regiment. I did however, regain milia in the area – so be careful with the richness of the cream!

Remember everyone’s skin is different, so trying out different products throughout the year, and adapting to climates is key!

If you’d like more in-depth info plus my favourite brands, give me a shout out!

Off to the set!

Christina-Laia xoxo

Top 5 tips to get in shape quickly but safely in 2019

Top 5 tips to get in shape quickly but safely in 2019

A new year is the best time to start over, set goals and get ready to challenge yourself. If getting in shape is one of your goals, we want to help. Here are our top 5 tips to get in shape quickly but safely.

Set attainable goals

It’s quite simple. If you set unrealistic goals, you may end up getting disappointed if you do not achieve them. Instead of setting a goal like losing 30 pounds in 3 months, break down your goals into smaller yet achievable goals. A great example would be to set your weekly goal to go to the gym at least 3 times and work out for 30 minutes. It is specific, realistic and achievable. One thing that can help you achieve your goal of getting in shape is to reward yourself. Did you go to the gym 3 times this week? Great! Now, you can grab a drink with your friends.

Nutrition is everything

When you are looking to get in shape safely, it is about how many calories you put in your body and how many calories you would burn. The key is to stick with the diet you can keep up. Make sure to balance your nutrition (protein, fat, and carbs) and portion it right.

Exercise right

Everyone knows that you need to exercise to get in shape safely. At the beginning of your journey, it is hard to know which exercise is right for you. With the technology these days there are many resources at your fingertip. Nike has a great app called Nike+ Training and this is a great tool for a beginner. You can also join a local gym and there are free training classes you can take advantage.

Boost your metabolism

High metabolism = burning more calories. When you are burning of everything you are eating, there is less chance to store fat. Vitamin injection ( also known as B12 injections) can help boost your metabolism which in turn helps you with getting in shape safely.

Non-surgical fat loss option

This is a viable option for you if you are someone who is healthy, active and nutritionally balanced yet you have a hard to lose the fat pockets. There are non-surgical options such as SculpSure, Vanquish, Mesotherapy Injection with deoxycholic acid, and combination treatments like Q Body Sculpt is next-level fat loss treatment with skin tightening effect. It takes as little as 25 minutes to complete these treatments, so it will fit perfectly into your busy schedule. All fat loss treatments target fat cells and destroy them. And your body will not produce additional fat cells anymore which means your results can be permanent as long as there is no drastic weight gain. These technologies are FDA and Health Canada approved, so you can get in shape safely with them.

Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Top 5 Unisex Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s this time of the year again. Everyone is in the holiday spirit and Christmas trees are up everywhere. However, we know that it can be stressful especially trying to find a perfect gift. No worry, we are here to help! Here are our Top 5 Unisex Holiday Gift Ideas.

Medical Grade Skin Care

Did you know that commercial (over the counter) skin care products may not be as effective as medical grade skin care? Medical grade skin care is formulated to effectively target skin concerns. However, It can be purchased only at medical clinics or medical spas. One of our top medical grade skin care lines is AlumierMD. They have a wide range of facial cleansers, moisturizers, and serums to target a range of concerns for all skin types. Not sure where to start? You can always contact us . We can help you pick out the best products for your loved ones.

We love AlumierMD Every Active Vitamin ACE serum to prevent free radical damage to our skin. Here is how to use it properly.

Give the Gift of Gorgeous Skin

Skin treatments are definitely one of the top 5 gifts for people who care about their skin. Pamper your loved ones with our famous Q Max Facial (Featured on Marylin Denis) or multipurpose Deep Exfoliation Photo Facial (amazing for promoting collagen growth, reducing redness, smoothing wrinkles, treating sun, age spots & hyper-pigmentation, improving acne & acne scarring). Here is a great before and after from 1 treatment!

Before and After of Deep Exfoliating Photo Facial

Before and After of Deep Exfoliating Photo Facial


Whether it is a Netflix subscription or Apple Music even our Q VIP membership ( great for skin care lovers, we offer 10% off all skin treatments and 6 free Q Max Facial for our annual members), memberships are a nice holiday gift for people who will utilize the service throughout the year. They will definitely think about you every time!

DIY Gift Ideas

If you are like me and not planning to spend too much on a gift, you can go about the Do It Yourself route. Some great ideas would be DIY Holiday Bath Bombs, DIY Holiday Granola, or if you are a crochet wiz, DIY Holiday Sweater would make a nice gift! While making DIY gifts, it is all about adding that personal touch and wrapping it up. Here is a great gift wrapping video!

Gift Cards

Last but not least, gift cards are versatile, easy and affordable. Definitely useful as a last minute holiday gift!

5 Top Q-Pro Skincare Picks!

5 Top Q-Pro Skincare Picks!

Top 5 Q-Pro Skincare Picks!

Here at Q Esthetics, we believe in finding the best treatments and skincare plans that are completely personalized for you. Not only do we put this much care and thought into our procedures, but in our choice of products as well.

As we wouldn’t put just any unknown food in our bodies, we shouldn’t be putting just anything on our skin either. Knowing your skincare products, their ingredients, and what they offer is essential to developing the perfect personalized regimen.

So, we asked one of our savvy skincare specialists, Nazila, her top 5 choices in skincare products. Keep reading below for the inside scoop on our top products from our favourite skincare lines!

1- Elta MD’s Clear SPF 46

This is a great product for acne prone and sensitive skin, with its extremely light-weight and silky texture. It’s also infused with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), which is an amazing multi-tasker! Full of anti-aging benefits, spot-fighting and skin-brightening – it’s a must-have in our daily regimen.

2-Alumier’s Ultimate Boost Serum

This anti-aging serum is perfect for all skin types. With powerful antioxidant ingredients such as glutathione (one of the body’s most powerful antioxidants), it neutralizes and eliminates skin-damaging free radicals – for overall healthier skin and anti-aging benefits.
Couple this incredible serum with any moisturizer from Alumier, (as well as a sunscreen, of course) and you’re good to go!

3- Alumier’s Alumience A.G.E.

A light weight serum that fights pollution and visible signs of aging, by providing your skin with a shield to protect against harmful pollutants and UV damage. Perfect for frequent flyers! With ingredients such as vitamin E, to block free radicals and reduce wrinkles for younger-looking skin.

4- Revision’s Nectifirm

This best-selling neck cream is the holy grail of firming & lifting! With a power-house list of ingredients – such as, vitamin C, E, and algae extracts – Nectifirm delivers noticeable results by enhancing our skin’s own antioxidant system to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

5- Obagi’s Vitamin C Serum

With pure, stabilized vitamin C, this serum fights free radicals and hyperpigmentation. Suitable for all skin types – gentle on dry skin, cool on irritated skin, and soft on sensitive skin – this pro serum helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in a skin-caring way.

And, there you have it! Five of our top products from our favourite skincare brands! Not only do we offer one-on-one consultations for skincare treatments here at Q, but for skincare products as well! So, stop by for a visit to find our which products are best for you – and you’ll be on your way to even brighter healthier skin!

Welcome the New Year, with Squash & Cheer!

Welcome the New Year, with Squash & Cheer!

"2018" wooden pieces with mini white lights woven around.

2018 is here!

The holiday-rush has passed, the new year has hit, and the fight against unhealthy temptations is a thing of 2017! … or is it?

Even though the holidays have come and gone – and even though you did your best at staying away from those ever-so-delicious (yet sugar-filled) sweet treats, these cravings don’t stop just because a number in the year changes.

Being conscious of what we put in our bodies should be a lifestyle choice, rather than a quick-fix for when we’re feeling a little over-our-own-waist-size. And one of our favourites to staying healthy, and starting the year off right, is certainly … spaghetti!

Spaghetti squash, that is!


Pieces of squash cut on wooden cutting board.

Yes! The beautiful and all-encompassing squash …

…one of the most delicious and nutrient-rich vegetables to hit our markets this season. From essential vitamins & protein, to its natural health and medicinal benefits – this vegetable has it all!  So jump on board for a quick overview of some of this superfood’s attributes, that certainly can’t be ignored!


Assortment of squash and seasonal vegetables on table top.

The impressive health and nutritional benefits of squash …

…are above all due to the multitude of organic compounds, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it contains. Squash is filled with vitamin A for vision and bone growth, C for antioxidants and the development and repair of body tissue, E for healthy organs and immune system, and finally B6 for brain health and metabolism. Even more, it’s also loaded with fiber, omega fatty acids, and minerals; such as iron and copper, which are essential components of red blood cells in helping to prevent iron deficiency.


Packed with antioxidants!

Squash helps neutralize free radicals throughout the body, with powerful antioxidants. Free radicals are the dangerous by-products of cellular metabolism, that can accelerate aging by damaging healthy skin cells, and as a result can lead to negative health problems; such as, cancer and heart disease. While small amounts of free radicals in the body are normal, and are helpful for our metabolism, they can multiply quite quickly and therefore must be kept under control.

…Enter, squash!


2018 notebook, with "This year I will" written on top page.

So, if you’re still working on that list of new year’s resolutions …

… give this super-veggie a number one spot next to “Happy & Healthy Eating in 2018” !
Even more, to help you start this journey-à-la-squash, here’s one of our own Dr. Melissa Hershberg’s favourite recipes – for a healthy start to 2018!


The Ultimate Roasted Spaghetti Squash …

… a perfect dinner side dish. Low calorie, filling and above all – full of nutrition!

Squash cut in half - spaghetti squash strands with fork on side.

Pierce your spaghetti squash with holes, to let air escape
Place in microwave for 5 minutes to soften
Take out, cut lengthwise & scoop out all the seeds

fun tip!
Squash seeds are also edible – and can therefore be seasoned and roasted like pumpkin seeds! Try it out, for a delicious & healthy snack.


Line a cookie sheet with tin foil & place squash cut-side down
Drizzle with 1 tbsp of olive oil
Season with salt & pepper to taste

fun tip!
Olive oil is one of the healthiest oil options – due to it being packed full of
antioxidants and vitamins A, D, E & K.  


Bake in the oven, at 400 degrees for 40 minutes

fun tip!
You can
be sure your squash is ready to devour, when you can easily insert a fork into the skin!


Finally, flip it over, scrape out strands with a fork …
Et voila! Your very own homemade spaghetti squash!

fun tip!
Even more, this recipe tastes great with crumbled light feta cheese and rosemary thrown over, as a personalized finishing touch!

Winter Skincare

Winter Skincare

Well, it happened …

the cold weather has finally arrived. And as much as we love the festive lights, clean crisp air, and holiday cheer – our skin does not share in this same joy. The cold air and low humidity of these winter months, make it a perfectly imperfect atmosphere for dry, tight, and flaky skin.

A change in season, equals a change in skincare

So, why does this time of year have such an effect on our skin? Because everything from dry outdoor air and hot indoor heating, prevent it from retaining its full moisture capability.

Even though this 2017-2018 Toronto winter has been predicted to be one of the coldest we’ve had in a while, our experts here at Q Esthetics have seen it all. And, because of this, they know a thing or two about maintaining moisturized, healthy and glowing skin!

The key? … Hydration, hydration, hydration!

Along with keeping our bodies well-protected..

by bundling up in thick sweaters and warm, yet stylish, coats – it’s important to bundle up our skin as well. So, jump on board to see what we have to share, and let’s learn how to plan our skincare as we would plan our wardrobe this winter…

…preventative and protective!


Tip #1: Beautiful skin starts from the inside-out

If you’re not providing your body with ample nutrients, it’s going to be that much more difficult to maintain that oh-so-desired happy and healthy glow. Therefore, drinking-in that essential hydration, is our number one skincare tip for a healthy body & healthy mind.

Our body requires hydration from the inside-out; therefore, not drinking enough can result in dull and dry skin. As much as we love that quick boost of caffeine in the morning, this is exactly what we should be trying to avoid. Instead of stripping our skin of essential moisture from these caffeinated drinks, two super-hydrating drinks to feed our skin with this winter instead, are – water and herbal teas.

The calming and warming effect of herbal teas..

along with being packed full of antioxidants, internal healing properties, and natural stress relievers – is exactly what our skin needs! Warm water with lemon is also a great habit to get into. Indulging in one of these cozy cups first thing in the morning, is incredible to flush out toxins and as an added winter immunity-boost!

Q Pro Tip – Try infusing your water with some other water-rich fruits and veggies; such as cantaloupe, apples, oranges, celery, and cucumbers – for a healthy added burst of flavour!


Tip #2: Harsh cleansers equal a harsh reality

Once you’ve supplied your body with hydration from the inside out, why would you want to throw it all away with a rougher-than-pinecone cleanser?  Using a harsh cleanser, with ingredients such as sulfates and parabens, will strip your skin of essential oils and protective barriers – leaving it feeling dry and damaged. Instead, take a step in the right direction, and opt for a soap-free one instead!

Soap-free cleansers are gentle on our skin, and should be a staple 12-month product in your skincare regimen. Do we really only want ultimate skin protection during the winter months? Definitely not! A cleanser with moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerin, is essential to maintaining that essential hydration year-round.

Q Pro cleanser recommendation:
SensiCalm Gentle Cleanser – by Alumier MD


Tip #3: Your skin is hungry too!

Feeding your skin with the right serums and moisturizers is a winter skincare essential. Choose products both rich in hydration, and those that protect our skin from the harsh outdoor elements. Winning ingredients to look for in your winter skincare are humectants; such as, glycerin & hyaluronic acid (or sodium hyaluronate). Both are key elements in moisture retention, because of their ability to fight against dehydration, and by their capacity to attract and hold onto water.

A Q Pro Tip to remember

is to always be sure to apply any type of moisturizer to your skin immediately after cleansing – when pores are still open and ready to retain optimal hydration!

Q Pro serum, moisturizer, and eye cream recommendations:
Ultimate Boost serum – by Alumier MD
Alumience A.G.E serum – by Alumier MD
Recovery Balm moisturizer – by Alumier MD
HydraDew moisturizer – by Alumier MD
Alumineye eye cream – by Alumier MD


Q Pro Tip #4 – Hold on tight!

Our final Q Pro Tip in preventative skincare, is to hold onto that hydration, protect yourself from those harsh winter winds, and – if it isn’t already – make sunscreen your new best friend!

It’s true – the winter sun’s UV’s are just as damaging as the summer ones. Skipping the SPF will not only reverse your efforts of supplying your skin with that essential moisture, but result in dry and damaged skin as well.

Sunscreen helps to prevent premature aging..

as it protects from harsh elements – elements that trigger sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Even that short commute to work – you know the one where you tell yourself it’s not worth the extra effort to apply that last-minute sunscreen – can make the difference between your skin looking great now, and your skin still looking great 10 years from now!

Q Pro sunscreen recommendation:
Sheer Hydration – by Alumier MD


And that’s it – you’re ready to go!

So, indulge in that delicious cup of hot herbal tea, feed your skin with the protection it needs, top it all off with your favourite sunscreen, throw on that added chic accessory piece – and protect your skin in style this winter, by kissing dry flakey skin goodbye!

 *All AlumierMD Products are free of Parabens, Sulfates, Petrolatum and Dyes. AlumierMD does not do any animal testing on their products.