I’ve never had this shiny and smooth skin

“I’ve been suffering from pimples for almost a year. Ever since we moved here to Canada. I’ve tried every single possible acne treatment (over the counter or those expensive ones) nothing really made my skin better. Possibly, it only made my face worse until I tried visiting Q Esthetics. Marcela O. recommended me to use Obagi Clenziderm Acne Treatment System. She also advised me to eat “real” foods (fish, veggies, fruits) plus my healthy living routines and voila! In just 1 week (I swear) it looks so so much better than the first day/time we met. I should have took a photo to prove it to you. Nevertheless, I am very much grateful for this. I’ve never had this shiny and smooth skin. I hope to maintain it in the future by the help of my specialist and Q Esthetics :)”

Trizia Erica CasimiroTorontoAcne Treatment

July 19, 2014