Comedogenic Acne

Many people use cosmetic products to enhance their appearance. Unfortunately, some may experience the breakout of comedones (pore blockages) after use, which is commonly known as comedogenic acne or acne cosmetica.

Comedogenic acne occurs when cosmetic or skincare products build up on our skin and block the pores. It is caused by external pore clogging as opposed to common acne conditions that are triggered by factors such as diet, stress and hormones, etc. Fortunately, acne cosmetica is usually mild and doesn’t often lead to acne scarring.

Comedogenic acne is a rash-like bump, red or pink, tiny and slightly raised off the skin. They often appear in multiples on the face, scalp or forehead.

There are a lot of makeup and skin care products that label themselves as “non-comedogenic,” though unfortunately you can’t always rely on that claim.

Comedogenic acne is more likely to occur if makeup, sunscreen or other skin care products with comedogenic ingredients stay on our skin for an extended period of time. To avoid a breakout of comedones, it’s important to keep your skin and your makeup clean – and never go to bed with your makeup on. Acne is frustrating, but it can be controlled! If you do have acne cosmetica, the first step is to consult an acne expert to ensure proper diagnosis and optimal treatment.