About my daughter’s warts

My daughter is in 2nd year University and has suffered with warts on the top of her toes and planters warts on the bottom of her feet since Grade 8. I have spent many hours at the doctors doing dry ice and taking home acid which I applied faithfully. I went the naturopathic route also with limited success.

Last summer I was searching the web after remembering watching a show on Dr. Oz that showed a wart removed by a laser. I finally came across Q Esthetics and it changed my daughter’s life. I say that because she was working at summer camp and the warts were growing on top of warts and it was getting to the point you could barely see her big toe. As well, she was working at the waterfront and would be asked constantly about the warts. In addition the planter warts on the bottom of her feet were continuing to “have a party” and were out of control. The warts were also starting to appear on her ankle and legs. So once I found QEsthetics I only had a short period of time to deal with the problem. I got in touch with my daughter at camp and told her that I found someone who might be able to help. We only had a couple of days between camp ending and school starting and we were driving to Thunder Bay and the Laser specialist was off on holidays. Well she came in on her holidays when she understood our problem getting in and did the laser treatment on her one toe and removed the warts. We then jumped in the car and drove to Thunder Bay. It was the beginning of the change. When my daughter came home at Thanksgiving we were back to deal with the warts on the top of her other toe and to do additional laser treatment on the bottom of her feet. Well I just spoke to my daughter tonight and she told me that she didn’t notice until this week when her friend saw the bottoms of her feet and noticed all her planters warts were gone. All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU. I only wished I had found you 5 or 6 years ago because it would have been a much smaller problem then.

We are heading to Antigua in about 10 days and she is having a pedicure before we go. She isn’t self conscious about her feet any more. A year ago we couldn’t have imagined this was even possible. We cannot thank you enough.

Laura K. from TorontoWart Treatment (Feb. 2011)