3 Ways to Fight Hair Loss

Losing your hair can do a number to your self-esteem; and both men and women suffer from hair loss. Luckily, there are plenty of options available to help you fight balding.

Laser Light Therapy

Laser light therapy stimulates blood flow to the scalp while also boosting the protein synthesis needed for hair regeneration. Laser therapy is a great choice for men and women who experience increased shedding and want to renew their hair as well as promote additional re-growth. 80 percent of people treated by light therapy have experienced a significant decline in shedding as well as a reduction in hair loss altogether. While Laser Light Therapy is extremely effective, there are other components to consider when treating hair loss.


Genetics are always a factor when it comes to hair loss; however, nutrition, hormone balance and stress are also important contributors. Eating a balanced diet is important to your overall health, (and that includes the health of your hair) so try to avoid eating foods that increase hair loss. Greasy, sugary and spicy foods are among the worst culprits for thinning. To maintain a healthy head of hair it’s important to sustain a diet, rich in protein that also includes vitamins and minerals such as biotin, silica, iron and zinc.

Home Care

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that your hair and body require copper to be at their best? More shampoos today have been formulated to include active ingredients known to slow, stop and reverse hair loss. Tricomin is a therapy spray, shampoo and conditioner that includes “Copper Peptide Technology”. This technology is one of the most unique and successful methods of treating hair loss. FDA trials have proven that it stimulates hair growth and also showed positive results in test studies on people who used it twice daily for 24 weeks.

With the right hair care regimen, nutritious diet and the regular use of home care, you are sure to see an improvement in the condition of your hair.