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“There is no such thing as a bad body… just bad clothing, bad mirrors, and bad diets!”

Dr. Melissa Hershberg – MD, is a medical physician, best-selling author, and weight loss consultant actively practicing in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Hershberg’s interest in science, health and weight-management are longstanding. By the completion of her medical residency, Dr. Hershberg discovered an innovative and thought-provoking approach to teaching patients how to eat for weight loss and health, which led to the development of her best-selling title; The Hershberg Diet: Discover How The 4th Macro Will Help You Shed Pounds and Beat The Metabolic Syndrome. Dr. Hershberg’s second book, The Rebel Diet: Break the Rules, Lose the Weight, was released in 2010 as a follow up to her first book. Through her books, medical practice, articles and speaking, she has helped thousands of people make positive lifestyle changes.

Dr. Hershberg rounds off her all-encompassing wellness approach by helping clients look refreshed and revitalized as an injection specialist at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic; with advanced techniques in Botox® Cosmetic and a variety of dermal fillers from Juvéderm & Anteis.

The Good Diet

We all want to be healthy, at an ideal weight, feel great – and be our best selves; however, it’s sometimes tough to know when and where to start. The whole process can be overwhelming; and those goals, albeit admirable, have a tendency to take a back seat – until now! Not only do we have good news, we have The Good Diet.

The Good Diet is a three-phase diet program developed by best-selling author, weight loss expert, and Q Esthetics’ very own Medical Director Dr. Melissa Hershberg.

By focusing on simple principles, and foods to incorporate (rather than eliminate) into your diet, this plan is comprehensive and easy to stick to. The Good Diet takes a positive approach on fueling your body with healthy foods that taste great, for a balanced long-term lifestyle solution.

What’s the best part? The team at Q Esthetics is here to help you reach and forever maintain your perfect goal weight! With weekly weigh-ins, and a food journal to keep you on track, our team of qualified health professional will support you at each stage of the process.

GTA’s Leader in Non-surgical Weight Loss

Being the GTA’s leader in non-surgical fat loss, our team of experts have designed a 360 degree collaborative fat loss solution; pairing the science of The Good Diet with the power of non-invasive body contouring. This breakthrough program will help you melt away those stubborn and seemingly impossible-to-lose pockets; with a combination of technologies designed to target and destroy fat cells from the outside-in, while our nutritional program takes care of the rest. The results are second to none.

This does not mean you’ll be on a diet forever. This means that you are committed to being mindful of what goes into your mouth and what fuels your body forever. – Dr. Melissa Hershberg.

We can help you achieve your dream body. Please call one of our convenient clinics and book your complimentary consultation now!

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