The Top Five Reasons for Tattoo Removal

Though the art of tattooing has become more popular and even mainstream, there are many people who begin to suffer from tattoo remorse. The following is what we have discovered to be the top five reasons for ridding yourself of that once cherished tattoo:

1. Trouble in Paradise?

At Q Esthetics, we perform thousands of laser tattoo removal each year and having a past partners name removed tops our list. The unfortunate reality of a break-up is hard enough without having a constant reminder of your Ex inked on your body. Some say that lovebirds may do this on impulse but should consider it the kiss of death. We definitely believe in love but it would be wise to think twice before having Mr or Misses Wrong forever displayed for the whole world to see.

2. Want that Dream Job?

Many people experience an unfair disadvantage when it comes to job-hunting because they have a visible tattoo. While discreet and modest tattoos are acceptable at most organizations some companies may frown upon noticeable body art. Losing the chance to land your dream job before you even open your mouth can be avoided and is a close second to our top reason.

3. Not so Cool Anymore?

People tend to follow trends. Unfortunately, change is inevitable and what you had considered to be cool years ago may now seem unappealing. We are all too familiar with this popular phrase: I’m in my forties and this was so cool in my twenties, but now I want it gone!

4. Looking for a Fresh Start?

Let’s go back to what was said, change is inevitable, and this includes ones lifestyle. Everything changes over time and the need for self-discovery and improvement is an essential part of life. Lifestyle change often involves letting go of unsavory habits, a recent marriage, a new career path, children or newly acquired beliefs and spirituality.

5. Not Exactly What You Had Envisioned?

Tattooing is considered an art form, however, some artists may not be as skilled and precise as assumed. Sometimes the wrong design, mistaken positioning or poor skill level of the artist will cause dreaded tattoo remorse. A poorly applied tattoo could be a daily reminder of that unhappy experience.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with those unwanted tattoos. Laser Tattoo Removal can give you that peace of mind by drastically reducing the appearance of tattoos on all skin types.