No more regret tattoo

Last summer I made two mistakes, and got a small pair of ‘scissors’ tattooed onto my index finger, which has faded a little…also on my wrist i got about a two inch long tattoo of a ‘key’ it’s black outlined but the inside is shaded with white and grey. They bothered me so much that I decided to have them removed ASAP. Having compared many options, I concluded that the Q-Switch laser would be the best solution. I chose Q Esthetics Laser Clinic because it is one of the earliest clinics that perform laser tattoo removal in Toronto. It turned out that my decision was right. They did great jobs for me. Those unwanted tattoo on my finger and wrist now are almost invisible after 6 visits. Highly recommend Q Esthetics to everyone with tattoo remorse.

Vlad Z. from BramptonLaser Tattoo Removal (Oct. 2011)