My skin tightening treatments

The laxity around my eyes and chin always made me look tired. As my 50th B-day was coming soon, I just wanted to make myself look a little younger and fresher. But I was in no way ready for a surgical facelift. I was initially considering the popular thermage, so started to collect more info about thermage. But I was horrified by so many negative reviews and comments regarding thermage over the internet. Just too many complaints have been reported such as burning, fat wasting(atrophy), prolonged down time, no visible results, extremely pain ,etc.

Then I was opting to an alternative solution. Google brought me to Q Esthetics web site. I was so impressed by the before/after results of laser skin tightening treatments and the superior safety features of the fractional laser technology. I felt this was the exact what I was looking for, so I made my decision right away.

Even after only one session I could notice visible skin tightening. Now it’s been several months after my third treatment, the improvement of my sagging skin was just amazing – nothing was more dramatic! Highly recommend Q Eshtetics and fractional laser tightening!

Rebeca L. from VaughanLaser Skin Tightening Treatments (Sep. 2010)