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What is LATTISSE®?

LATTISSE is a prescript treatment that can help you grow fuller, darker, and longer lashes. It is an amazing product that was created in 2001 by Allergen and approved by the FDA in 2008. The FDA appraised clinical survey results to authenticate the identity, purity, potency, and stability of LATTISSE ingredients. The verification demonstrated that LATTISSE is safe and effective for its intended purpose when used as prescribed.

Most people yearn to have thick, dark, long, and full eyelashes. However, for some people, the eyelashes can start thinning out as the old age kicks in. Others are simply born with a condition called hypotrichosis- having sparse and thin eyelashes. Some, also, (especially the redheads and blondes) can have enough lashes, but are light and barely visible. Fortunately, today you can enhance the look of your eyes without putting too many layers of mascara or false lashes thanks to LATTISSE®.

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While treating glaucoma patients with bimatoprost (a synthetic prostaglandin), physicians discovered that its side effect was the growth of darker and lusher eyelashes. Thus, Allergen borrowed the idea, and LATTISSE was born with the active ingredient being bimatoprost. The fatty acid works by enhancing the active growth phase of a hair follicle (anagen) as well as intensifying the number of hairs growing.

However, it is crucial to note that unlike bimatoprost used to treat glaucoma, LATTISSE is not meant to be used in the eyes and is applied only along the lash line.

Is LATTISSE Right For You?

LATTISSE may not be the right treatment for everyone. Hence, your physician should evaluate your medical history to determine your candidacy. Nevertheless, if you have an active eye infection or irritated/broken eyelid, you should not use LATTISSE. Also, if you’re using products for elevated intraocular pressure, you ought to consult your doctor before using.

Note: LATTISSE might not be effective for people suffering from alopecia areata.

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How to Apply

Applying LATTISSE entails precision and consistency just like every other routine product. While following the basic guidelines, the results will manifest gradually. Nonetheless, to see the full eyelash transformation, take a “before the treatment” picture and take another one every four weeks to chart your progress.

Directions for nightly use

Facial preparation:Before applying LATTISSE, clean your face and remove any makeup and contact lenses. Also, ensure that you put on any other facial care products you are using before applying LATTISSE.

Prepare the applicator:Remove the sterile applicator from the tray and hold it horizontally. Then, put one drop of LATTISSE solution on the area closest to the tip and not on the tip of the applicator.

Apply to the skin:Draw the applicator along the skin carefully. Make sure that you apply at the base of the upper lashes just as you’d apply the liquid eyeliner. Then, remove excess solution with a tissue.

Dispose of the applicator

After one use, dispose of the applicator. Use a new sterile applicator when repeating the procedure for the opposite eyelid. This helps in minimizing any possible contamination from one eyelid to the other.

LATTISSE Side Effects

LATTISSE may have side effects including:

It can affect the hair growing in other areas that are exposed to it on a regular basis

Dry and/or itchy eyes

Darkening the skin on the eyelids

Developing or increasing the brown pigmentation in the iris

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