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Laser Peel

A laser peel is a skin resurfacing laser that works to repair skin. It is frequently used as an anti-aging tool or a treatment for scar removal. When used to treat melasma, brown spots, it targets and corrects the darker pigment, revealing more even skin.

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How Laser Peel Work

Laser beams are accurately aimed at damaged cells, and the micro laser peel eliminates a thin layer of skin, encouraging new healthy skin to form over the treated area. In addition to reducing the appearance of melasma and brown spots, this treatment revitalizes your skin, leaving it smooth and more youthful.

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Laser Peel For Melasma


Melasma, also known as chloasma faciei, is a common skin disorder of cutaneous pigmentation stimulated by estrogen. It results in brown patches that typically appear on the face, including the bridge of the nose, cheeks, forehead, chin, and above the upper lip. Women are much more likely to develop melasma than men, as it can be triggered by a change in hormones, and often connected to pregnancy or birth control pills. In fact, approximately 90% of those affected by melasma are women. While the cause of melasma is unknown, it is clear that those with a family history of melasma are genetically predisposed. Sun exposure is also a contributing factor; another reason to be diligent about sunscreen application.

Although melasma does not pose a health risk, it can be cosmetically embarrassing. Given that most instances of melasma occur on the face, or occasionally the arms and neck, it can be a source of embarrassment and may impact one’s self-esteem. Q Esthetics is one of the first laser clinics to practice laser melasma treatment in the Greater Toronto Area. Often pigmentation issues caused by melasma can be stubborn and quite difficult to treat. In fact, if treated improperly, the condition may worsen. However, several effective treatment options have been available over the years, including laser facial/laser peel, which can help to improve melasma of different cutaneous layers.

Laser Peel For Brown Spots

Brown spots or skin discoloration sometimes occur as we age. These flat spots on the skin are often a result of frequent sun-exposure, which is why they are referred to as sunspots. The melanin pigment in our skin absorbs the sunlight and helps to protect our skin from UV rays. However, as we age, our skin’s natural ability to fend off UV rays gradually deteriorates, and we see the development of age spots.

Brown spots normally develop on areas of the skin that are most frequently exposed to the sun, such as the face, arms, back and hands. This skin discoloration is caused when too much skin pigment, known as melanin, is produced. Since they frequently develop in visible locations, many people search for ways to diminish their appearance. Although a number of over-the-counter skin creams promise to remove age spots, most of them are ineffective; causing individuals to waste time and money, which can be a frustrating experience.

At Q Esthetics, we use laser peel in conjunction with PicoSure and IPL to effectively remove brown spots and discoloration. If you are tired of feeling self-conscious as a result of brown spots and skin discolouration, please call one of our two convenient clinics to book an appointment for your complimentary consultation. We will listen to your concerns and help you determine the most suitable course of action.

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What can I expect from laser peel?

While each individual’s pain tolerance is different, most patients feel very little pain during this procedure, and no anesthetic is required. No downtime is necessary, so you can resume your normal daily activities immediately post-treatment. However, you should avoid direct sunlight and ensure that you are wearing sunscreen. The treated area will temporarily appear red and may burn slightly (similar to a sunburn); however, within three to four days, a new layer of skin will be revealed.

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