Benefits of Palomar Laser Hair Removal

The demand for laser hair removal and IPL hair removal treatments is at an all-time high. This is not surprising, considering that light-based hair removal can permanently reduce unwanted hair in fewer procedures and with more comfort than that of traditional procedures, plus that traditional hair removal via electrolysis and waxing is painful and expensive.

Palomar pioneered the use of lasers and IPLs for hair removal and is the first company to obtain FDA claim for “Permanent Hair Reduction“. Since then, Palomar lasers have been the industry standard that all others have been compared to, and validated by Palomar’s strong patent position. Its subsequent new technology developments led to new, groundbreaking pulsed light technology that improved clinical outcomes over a broader patient base. Compared to other systems available for laser hair removal, the following are some benefits of Palomar Nd:YAG Laser and IPL system:

  • Excellent aesthetic outcomes – long-term, lasting results
  • Fast treatment sessions due to large spot size of certain hand-pieces
  • Advanced Contact Cooling technology ensures patient comfort
  • Effective on a wide variety of skin types
  • Use varied wavelengths to target fine, coarse and light hair
  • Small spot size of certain hand-pieces is ideal for underarm and bikini lines

Never shave again with the help of Palomar laser hair removal!