Athletes with Olympic Rings Tattoos

The London 2012 Olympics have entered their 5th day. In the past few days, tattoos have become a part of the Olympic phenomenon. And the Olympic rings, the logo representing the continents of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe, is one of the most popular tattoos proudly shown on many of the athletes bodies.

Athletes have the Olympic rings etched into their skins for different reasons. Some are simply inspired and like to show their passion to the Olympic spirit; some want to reveal an incredible experience or to remember a glorious moment; others wish to express their patriotism — they usually get the Olympic rings inked along with their country’s name or flag.

Though many people realize that tattoos could eventually become a regret and require multiple tattoo removal procedures later on, more Olympic athletes, Olympic fans and Olympic hopefuls continue to get inked. And the Olympic rings tattoo is definitely one of the most popular, garnering tons of attention from friends, family and fans. The following are just some of our picks among a huge list of athletes sporting Olympic tattoos