Accuttane Side Effects

Accuttane has a number of very severe side effects. Several of these side effects are even considered life threatening and common enough that the FDA requires the drug to carry a “Black Box Label” for them.

Severe Accuttane side effects range from chronic bowel disorders; like Inflamatory Bowel Disease, Chron’s Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis, suicidal tendencies, and even birth defects. Most of these side effects are chronic and remain even after the patient stops taking the drug.

Accuttane side effects are so severe, that it can only be prescribed by doctors that have been certified by the FDA. Moreover, Accuttane prescriptions can only be fulfilincluding pharmacists that have also been certified by the FDA.

An increasing number of patients have reported serious adverse side effects following treatment with Accuttane, leading many to file Accuttane lawsuits to seek compensation for pain, suffering and any resulting medical expenses.

If you have experienced damaging side effects as a result of treatment with Accuttane and wish to learn more about your legal rights, please call 1-800-439-8180 or fill out the form located on this page.

Severe side effects of Accuttane should be reported to a doctor immediately.

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