$10,000 Makeover Winner’s Journey

The Winner


In late 2017, we had an idea – to offer a full body makeover to one lucky winner, who would win a transformation of a lifetime! We wanted to provide someone with the opportunity to experience our advanced treatments.

After careful consideration of reviewing so many beautiful and qualified applicants, we had chosen a winner – Erin – a person who we felt encapsulated the energy, eagerness, and enthusiasm of receiving this incredible life-changing award.

Erin began her journey with Q in December 2017, undergoing a 3-month process of extensive and exclusive treatments. She has fully enjoyed her journey at Q; not only noticing physical changes, but those in her health and attitude about her gorgeous self as well!

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Erin’s Story

I have 4 kids under 5 and would love a makeover. I will be 40 this year and hope to regain the love for my skin and body that I once had. I went through many sessions of IVF and countless hormone treatments. I feel completely defeated both emotionally and physically after going through all of this. I love my children so much, but the process really took a toll on my skin and wellbeing. I lost my hair, my skin turned to sandpaper, I have dark circles under my eyes, I look angry from my frown lines and I’m not and I gained so much weight. It’s time for a big change in diet and overall health. I’m happy and so thankful for everything in my life, especially my children and my husband. Now I want to do something for me and regain my confidence.

Erin S.

Erin’s Transformation Journey

1. Full face rejuvenation with Xeomin® and Teosyal (video)

2. Laser rejuvenation with our latest breakthrough technology: PicoSure

3. Non-invasive neck & facelift: Ultherapy

4. Body by Q: Which includes a one-on-one nutritional assessment with weight loss expert Dr. Melissa Hershberg, along with The Good Diet and our body sculpting program.

5. Vanquish: a revolutionary system in the world of nonsurgical fat removal

6. Alumier Skincare Set & Professional Treatment, from Alumier MD (video)

Learn more with Erin’s Blog

Erin at Q Instagram

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