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Cellulite, also known as adiposis edematosa (dermatology), is a common skin condition experienced by most post-pubertal women, as a result of imbalance between the formation and elimination of fat in the body, most commonly in the thigh and buttock areas. Cellulite treatment is one of the most commonly performed procedures at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic.

Though the exact cause of cellulite is still unknown, it may be caused by many factors including heredity, physical activity, nutrition, stress, and lifestyle, and the appearance of cellulite is largely determined by the amount of body fat and the nature of the supporting fibrous septae. Women have more body fat (27%) than men (15%) of proportional body fitness. Much gender specific fat deposition is based upon hormonal receptor site density and sensitivity in different body regions. Unfortunately, good diet and physical exercise conditioning do not effectively prevent the development of cellulite.

Tired of unsuccessfully trying every product or treatment available to get rid of your cellulite dimples? Q Esthetics Laser Clinic is proud to introduce the revolutionary technology in cellulite treatment with Silhouet-Tone's Lumicell Wave 6, which was recently named Best Equipment for the Body for 2012. This title was bestowed by the highly reputed Les Nouvelles Esthétiques, a trade magazine intended for beauty care professionals.

Cellulite, by its very nature, varies in depth. The Lumicell Wave 6 is a remarkably effective, non-invasive system, specifically designed for cellulite treatment and body contouring, which is able to treat the different stages of cellulite by delivering heat in various depths of the skin. In order to achieve optimal results, it combines carefully selected mechanical, thermal and optical energies during the same treatment:

  • Infrared photo -pneumatic massage using 900 nm
  • Ultrasound using a 1 MHz frequency
  • Bi-polar radio frequency at 450KHz

The Photo-Pneumatic massage improves circulation and loosens the bands of connective tissue around the fat deposits that cause skin dimpling. The Infrared energy heats the skin from within, rendering it more malleable and receptive to the rolling action of the treatment head, stretching the fibrous bands without injury. The Ultrasound further disperses heat into the fatty layers, increasing the adipocytes membrane permeability, leading to the liberation of stored fat (lypolitic effect). It also increases blood and lymphatic circulation, ultimately reducing the circumference and volume of localized fat deposits. At the end of the cellulite treatment, bi-polar Radio Frequency is used to increase collagen production and restore tissue elasticity, further disabling the cellulite process. All three energy sources are used consecutively in order to deliver exceptional, quicker and longer lasting results.

The Lumicell Wave 6 offers a wide variety of treatments, suitable for different body shapes and stages of cellulite, and tailored to treat each client's specific problems*. It also offers an optional Needle Free Mesotherapy modality. Needle Free Mesotherapy is used to transdermally infuse natural fat dissolving substances.

Never before have these technologies been combined to achieve such outstanding results*!

Before                              After

cellulite before/after photo #4cellulite before/after photo #4-4
cellulite before/after photo #9cellulite before/after photos #9

Cellulite Treatment Before After Pictures* From Q Esthetics

See more cellulite treatment before and after pictures.

We use the Lumicell Wave dramatically improve the appearance of cellulite for thousands of patients each year*. If you want to learn more about cellulite or are considering a cellulite treatment at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic, please call one of our three convenient clinics to schedule a complimentary consultation and find out how we can assist you.


Lumicell Cellulite Treatment FAQs

Which parts of the body can be treated?

Lumicell Wave 6 is ideal for removing cellulite in arms, thighs, hips, and buttocks.

How long does the cellulite treatment take?

With Lumicell Wave 6, each cellulite treatment takes 30 to 45 minutes, which depends on the condition of your cellulite.

When can I expect to see visible reduction of cellulite?

Age and severity of conditions determine the number of treatments required to achieve optimal results, multiple treatments are typically required. A regularly scheduled series of treatments will result in a dramatic cellulite reduction and firmer, more beautiful, smoother-looking skin.

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Before and After Photos

Cellulite Treatment Before and After Pictures*

     Before Pictures                           After Pictures

cellulite removal before/after photo #1cellulite removal before/after photo #1
cellulite before & after picture #2cellulite before & after picture #2
cellulite before & after picture #4cellulite before & after pictures #4
cellulite before & after picture #5cellulite before/after picture #5
cellulite before & after picture #6cellulite before & after pictures #6
cellulite before & after picture #7cellulite before & after picture #7
cellulite before & after picture #8cellulite before/after picture #8
cellulite before & after picture #9cellulite before/after picture #9

Before After Pictures* From Q Esthetics. All Rights Reserved.

Please note that further improvement can be expected as some "After" pictures above were taken after only a few treatments. Nobody performed more cellulite treatment than Q Esthetics Laser Clinic in Toronto. We have the most experienced staff and the greatest number of satisfied cellulite patients in the GTA! If you want that orange peel skin gone forever, please call one of our three convenient clinics to schedule a complimentary consultation and find out how we can assist you*.

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