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Permanent makeup has become increasingly common all over the world. While the majority of people are satisfied with the end results of their permanent makeup, there are many who wish to remove their permanent makeup for a variety of reasons.

Permanent makeup removal can be achieved using chemical peeling, dermabrasion, surgical removal and laser resurfacing. In some cases the appearance of permanent makeup can also be adjusted with camouflaging.

Laser resurfacing is currently the most popular procedure for permanent makeup removal. A laser emits a highly focused beam of light which passes harmlessly through the outer layer of the dermis and is absorbed primarily by the pigment of permanent makeup. As the light is absorbed, it is quickly converted to heat. The suddenly increased heat breaks the pigment into tiny particles. The pigment fragments are then carried away by the body. The Q-Switched (Nd): YAG 1064 is commonly considered to be the most effective laser in permanent makeup removal*.

In most cases, multiple procedures for the removal of permanent makeup are required to achieve the desired result. Laser resurfacing can fade the pigment significantly, though it is not able to result in a complete removal of permanent makeup*.

Laser permanent makeup removal is similar to laser tattoo removal, though it poses more of a challenge. Firstly, permanent makeup usually uses a modified version of tattoo ink, which can oxidize during treatment, thus becoming more difficult to remove. Secondly, permanent makeup is typically applied to particular areas of the skin. Laser removal for permanent eyebrows for example may cause permanent hair removal to the eyebrows and laser removal for permanent eyeliner can be very difficult and dangerous because the treated area is so close to the eyes. Lasers are rarely used for the removal of permanent lip liners or permanent full colour of lips due to the high density of blood vessels on the lips.

Here at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic, we use Q-Switched lasers in conjunction with other techniques to safely remove permanent makeup, which can avoid the limitations and potential side effects of the only laser approach*.

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