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Dark Circle Eye

Dark Circle Under Eye Treatment

Darks circle under the eyes, also known as panda eyes or raccoon eyes, are dark skin blemishes or skin discoloration underneath the eyes. Dark circles are most common in adulthood, often affecting both men and women, though occasionally children can also develop dark circles.


Treatments for Dark Circles Under Eyes

The method chosen for improving the appearance of dark circle under eyes will generally depend on the type and characteristics of your unique condition.

A variety of natural creams for dark circles under eyes are widely available, but it is important that you consult a skin care specialist before trying to use these creams at home because your condition may be more complex than expected. Unfortunately, most of our patients with dark circles are those who have had disappointing experiences with home remedies. Some found that the remedies simply didn't work; and others found that their symptoms actually worsened.

If you have failed with a variety of dark circle under eyes products or treatments, perhaps it is time to consider a more effective dermatological method, such as photorejuvenation, fractional laser resurfacing or LLLT therapy*.

Here at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic, we understand how you feel about the tired, unhealthy appearance of dark circles. We use lasers and photorejuvenation in conjunction with light therapy and skin care products to safely and effectively minimize the appearance of dark circles for all skin types*. Our medical staff will assess your conditions to ensure the right approach is carried out for your specific needs*. Please call one of our three convenient clinics and schedule a complimentary consultation to find out how we can assist you in achieving a fresher, more youthful appearance*.

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Causes of Dark Circle Under Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are most commonly contributed to lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep. However, dark circles can be caused by many other conditions:

  • Medical Conditions - Dark circles under eyes may be related to diseases, disorders and many other medical conditions including: allergies, liver diseases, asthma, eczema, anemia, dehydration, malnutrition, and periorbital, etc.
  • Injuries or Trauma - Dark circles under eyes can also arise from bruises, injuries, surgeries or trauma around the eyes.
  • Heredity - Dark under eye circles are more commonly found in individuals who have a previous family history of the condition.
  • Lifestyle and General Factors - In addition to insomnia or poor sleep quality, the following factors may also contribute to the discoloration of the skin around the eyes: fatigue, stress, alcohol, smoking, medication, aging and sun exposure, etc.

Before After Pictures

Dark Circle Eye Before After Pictures*

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