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The New Non-Surgical Double Chin Reduction

BELKYRA™ (known as Kybella in the US) is the first Health Canada approved injectable drug used to correct the appearance of the hard to treat submental fat, more commonly known as a double chin. It’s the latest beauty buzzword amongst celebrities and is even being touted as the biggest industry breakthrough since BOTOX® Cosmetic*.

What is it?

BELKYRA™ is a formulation of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the human body that assists in the breakdown and absorption of fat.

How does BELKYRA™ work?

By disrupting the fat cell membrane, it causes lysis—or destroys the cell membrane. After that, the fat cell releases its fatty contents and the body metabolizes the fatty contents as normal*.

BELKYRA™ vs. Liposuction of the Chin

If you’re weighing the benefits of BELKYRA™ vs. liposuction, here are some things to consider:

  • A liposuction surgery is done in a single visit. With BELKYRA™, you might require a few treatments spaced out at least a month apart. Liposuction on the other hand is surgery, so you’re looking at a longer, harder recovery.
  • Both treatment methods are generally comparable price-wise.
  • BELKYRA™ is less invasive. You avoid all the negative issues involved with surgery, such as anesthesia and other risks associated with surgery, such as the risk of infection and longer downtime.
  • It’s important to note that BELKYRA™ can only be used for removal of fat under the chin. If you have loose skin in this area (“turkey neck”), Belkyra can’t address that problem. If you have a double chin and saggy skin, you may want to consider one of our non-surgical skin tightening treatments*.

During a complimentary assessment one of our experienced specialist will help determine the best treatment option for your skin concerns.

How is it administered?

BELKYRA™ chin reduction is injected subcutaneously using an area-adjusted dose. One treatment can consist of up to 50 tiny injections. Because the procedure relies on the natural process of fat breakdown, several treatments may be needed once a month.

Am I a candidate?

Anyone over 18, in good health with moderate-to-severe submental fat can reap the benefits of this aesthetic treatment. If your chin has a twin, and you’d like to improve its appearance without the risk of surgery – BELKYRA™ may be the suitable treatment option for you.

Is BELKYRA™ painful?

Pain is always relative, but most patients report only mild discomfort at the beginning of the procedure that subsides as the treatment progresses. A very fine needle is used to inject and a topical anesthetic is also used to make the treatment more comfortable*.

How long does the procedure take?

Treatment takes about 20 minutes – BELKYRA™ is the latest option in the growing lunchtime-lift market*.

When can I expect results?

Most patients see noticeable results in 2 to 3 sessions that are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart*.

How long do results last?

Here’s the best part: once your aesthetic goal has been reached, there is no need for further treatment. Since BELKYRA™ dissolves the fat cells, you get rid of your double chin for good*!

Is there any downtime with BELKYRA™?

Minor bruising and swelling is the most common side effect that patients will experience, this usually resolves within several days. Most clients resume regularly activities immediately afterwards.

How can I learn more?

We’re here to help & welcome the opportunity to tell you more about BELKYRA™ as well as our other non-surgical treatments to improve your appearance. Call one of our three locations to speak with one of our experts today.

Before & After Photos

BELKYRA™ Before and After Pictures

    Before Pictures                                     After Pictures

 BELKYRA™ treatment before and after picture #1 BELKYRA™ before & after picture #1
 BELKYRA™ treatment before and after picture #2 BELKYRA™ before & after picture #2
 BELKYRA™ treatment before and after picture #3 BELKYRA™ before & after picture #3
 BELKYRA™ treatment before and after picture #4 BELKYRA™ before & after picture #4
 BELKYRA™ treatment before and after picture #5 BELKYRA™ before & after picture #5

Please note that further improvement can be expected as some "After" pictures above were taken after only one or two treatments*. Please call one of our three convenient clinics today and schedule your complimentary consultation to find out how we can assist you*.